We’ve all heard about Super 30, the educational program run by Anand Kumar, a mathematician from Bihar. It’s said that the right guidance at the right time can make a huge difference in life and Shivangi’s story is an apt example of that.

Shivangi used to sell newspapers and magazines with her dad on a roadside stall. But today, she is studying in an IIT and has even landed a job. 

Anand Kumar started Super 30 in 2002 with an aim to provide free education and accommodation to the bright students who came from economically weaker backgrounds. Shivangi was one such student who approached Anand after reading about him in the newspaper.

In a heartfelt post, her mentor Anand Kumar shared how far she’s come:

Here’s the translation:

These two photographs depict the same story. They are both a mirror and tears. These pictures are the past and the present. These pictures have yesterday’s silence and today’s achievement. These pictures are of my student Shivangi. The first one was taken when she came to join Super 30 with her father. Right from school, she used to help her father in selling newspapers and magazines from a roadside stall. When her father would get exhausted, Shivangi handled everything alone. But whenever she would get some time, she made it a point to study.

Shivangi had finished her secondary education from a government school in Deha, a small place near Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. One day, she read about me in the newspaper and came here.

During her time in Super 30, she grew close to my family. She used to call my mother daadi and would sleep with her during her bad health. When the IIT result came out and she was preparing to join IIT Roorkee, the women in my family were crying like their own daughter was going away. While leaving, her father said that people dream and sometimes they come true, but I had never even dreamt this big.

Shivangi still speaks to my family members. We just got the news that she landed a job and every one was elated. My mother is the most happy about it and it’s difficult for her to hold her tears. 

Shivangi’s story is an inspiration that you can achieve anything if you work hard for it.