Remember when we were little kids and all we wanted to do was become a grown-up, independent woman? Yeah, that. What were we thinking? We thought it would be cool to earn our own money and splurge it on whatever we liked. But life doesn’t always turn out the way we thought it would. Adult life is a different ball game altogether and more often than not, we just want to be a kid again. 

Mari Andrew, an illustrator based in Washington DC, totally understands this dilemma and illustrates it into beautiful illustrations. Check them out 

1. Story of my life.  

2. My life in one picture. 


3. If only dating was that straightforward! 

4. I’d pay anything for this resort!

5. Sadly, life is not a movie.  

6. So, how do YOU feel today?

7. We are somewhere in between, right?

8. My phone in one picture. 

9. The never-ending circle.

10. When your thoughts go overboard.

11. She totally gets us!

12. Just text me back?

13. Add ‘I like your music collection’ to this. 

14. Us too Mary, us too!

15. It’s all about priorities. 

16. Sigh.

17. We have subtitles for everything, don’t we?

18. Brutally honest, this. 

19. Wish we could go back to our childhood. 

20. Social media in one picture!

Life as we know it. Sigh.