Having big boobs sounds great, right? But with great boobs come great responsibilities. 

Ever since I can remember, my friends with itsy-bitsy tits have been asking me to give them some of my hooters.

“Yaar tere paas toh extra hai. Thode se dede”, is what I’ve heard all my life from my girlfriends.

I’m pretty sure the idea of big boobs doesn’t exist for bra companies.

One summer vacation, puberty came knocking, and the lemons turned into watermelons.

Going braless is NEVER an option. 

Unless I want everyone to see my girls giving in to the rules of gravity.

No one likes clingy friends but big boobs have the clingiest one you’ll know. 

BACK PAIN! It never leaves your side, and always tries to ruin all your plans.

Boobs, then face. 

That’s the sequence of how people greet me. 

It is a challenge to wear anything even slightly deep-neck. 

And God forbid if you drop something on the floor.

Also, have you met the devil? He’s called Sweat, Boob Sweat.

He creeps up whenever he feels like and let’s just say he has scared off potential dates. 

Going running is such a nightmare!

If my boobs furiously jumping up and down isn’t enough, I have to deal with people staring at me like I’m committing a crime. Oh, and wearing three sports bras just means more clothes for Mr. Boob Sweat to conquer.

Buying bras burn a hole in my pocket. 

They wear out quicker than the speed of light. If this doesn’t happen to you, your boobs aren’t big enough.

Now I have to go and change my shirt because the air-conditioner isn’t working properly and I’m sure you can guess what happened.


Big boobs. Making life harder each day, every day.