A group of teary-eyed students at a school in Tamil Nadu gathered inside their school campus, hugged their English teacher and refused to let go of him.

It was an outburst of love and emotions at Government High School, in Velliagaram, where students were protesting the transfer of their favourite English teacher, G Bhagwan.


28-year-old G Bhagawan teaches English from classes 6 to 10 at Government High School in Velliagaram. But for his students, he isn’t just a teacher. He’s their mentor, a friend, a guide and a constant source of motivation.

So, when the government decided to transfer him to another school, it came as a shock to them. The overwhelmed students locked the school gates and refused to let him leave the campus. 


According to the students, not only did he teach his own subject-English-with full dedication, he also used to talk to them about General Knowledge, Social Science and life lessons. He kept himself involved with all his students and constantly encouraged them to do better.  

One of the students told TOI:

We don’t want him to be transferred. He has been one of the most supportive staff members and has been like a brother to many of us.

As a result of the students’ protest, the government and the school administration has put his transfer on hold. While talking to India Today, G Bhagwan said:

I was posted here in 2014 and I have surpassed my tenure here. I got my transfer letter and as I was leaving the school yesterday when the students surrounded me. I felt a sudden gush of emotions and indeed I will miss them all. I had to move on to another school according to the rules. I attended the government counselling and chose Arungulam.

According to India Today, G Bhagwan’s term in school has been extended for 10 more days till the authorities can decide upon his transfer.