All of us go to work every day. But are we really happy with the work we are doing? A recent study talks about this lesser explored aspect of employment.

Financial Express

The study took into account over 1,00,000 workers across 47 countries and found that around 8% of the workers around the world found their jobs useless. 

As far as Indians are concerned, around 12% of them are pessimistic about their jobs, considering it ‘socially’ useless, according to the study.

This number is much higher than other countries of the world, behind only Japan, Poland and Israel.


The study was conducted by Robert Dur of Erasmus University Rotterdam and Max van Lent of Leiden University, to estimate the number of people who do not find their jobs worth doing. 

People in private sector jobs were more pessimistic about their jobs as compared to those in public sector. 

Within the private sector too, jobs that involve sales, finance, and marketing do not give the feeling of being socially useful. This could be because these jobs do not involve helping people.

The Hindu

People working in public sector jobs like health, education, and police considered their jobs socially relevant.

This pessimistic approach towards work may also be the reason behind low productivity by Indians.