The Kjerag mountain stands tall and spectacular with its sheer 3000 metre drop into the Lysefjorden an inviting blue, glinting in the sunlight.

Simen Haughom is only a teenager but his surreal video of Mount Kjerag and its sheer beauty and scale has garnered over a million views across the world.

b’Source: Facebook/Simen Haughom’

Earthables came out with the story of Haughom who lives in Sirdal, Norway with his family. He shot the footage of Kjerag with his drone and employed his dad, Frank as a ‘stuntsman’. His dad had to change costumes and be a hiker atop the mountain, a base jumper and even stand on a rock lodged between two cliff-sides at a dizzying height of 791 feet.

Frank did a pretty good job of standing precariously on the edge of the mountain for that majestic effect; a diminutive figure peering down the cliffside, though he later admitted that he got pretty dizzy standing on a rock that had a 3000 feet plunge into the Lysefjorden.

b’Source: Facebook/Sildar i Bilder/ Simen Haughom’

Simen is taken aback by the video’s roaring popularity minutes after he put it up online.

He says,

I noticed that it already had some views a few minutes after I uploaded the video on Thursday evening. Then by Friday morning 30,000 people had watched the video.
b’Source: Youtube/Simen Haughom’

He evidently did not think it would turn into a big deal, Simen edited the video after school while his older brother Frederik helped out with the background music

Simen and his father even have their own page Sirdal i bilder on Facebook and are quite the travelers, as is evident by the host of beautiful videos of scenic places that they have put up.

b’Source: Simen Haughom/Earthables’

With the video’s popularity has come Simen’s ‘celebrity status’, which he is coming to terms with. News channels are airing his video and people at school think the video is “very special, and cool” , he told MailOnline. His school’s website has put up the video and his teachers are using it with their Geography lessons.

b’Source: Simen Haughom/Earthables’

And it is a delight to watch too, with the Kjeragfossen waterfall frothing and foaming its way down the steep sides of the Kjerag plunging into the Lysefjorden.

Watch the video to be transported to Kjerag!