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So, the other day I was coming home from the office late at night, and I got a flat tire. I was in the middle of nowhere. All I had to do was call one of my friends and there he was with a spare tire. That’s when I knew I had a dildaar friend! I woke up the next day, turned on the news and realized that it was the World Heart Day. But all I could see on television were the marathons and the advisories. That is when it hit me…

Why do we always think of ‘heart’ as a physical entity? ‘Heart’ is the birthplace of all emotions. It’s the powerhouse of all human feelings.

I know, that sounds like a very Bollywood-esque understanding, but in all honesty, that’s the only one which resonates with me. And you know what? I am not alone! The good folks at B Natural understand that the word ‘heart’ has a lot more emotion and substance attached to it than just physical well-being. What better way to describe that friend of mine, than the word ‘dildaar‘?

B Natural Juices & Beverages are directly made from fruit pulp & Not from Concentrate, hence it retains inherent fruit nutrition better. It has always stood for honesty & has #NothingToHide.To celebrate this honesty that is so rare to see in this world, B Natural decided to drive honest conversations, straight from the heart on World Heart Day. They asked people to share their raw and truthful life stories. It was a very dildaar move, at that!

The netizens sent in their stories. They spoke #DilKholKe and left us in awe of their transparency and honesty, simply because they had #NothingToHide, just like B Natural Fruit Beverages. Here are some of the best stories we heard. Read on, and try to hold back the tears, *grabs tissue box*. 

1. This girl left an emotionally charged message for her mom. A message, that can bring even the heartless to tears!

I don’t know about you, but I am deeply touched and moved by these stories. B Natural salutes the spirit of the people who spoke #DilKholKe and shared their inspirational stories with us. Don’t forget to try out the nutritious and lip-smacking B Natural juices!