Ever heard of ‘Too much money and too little worth’? These 18 things epitomize this phrase! 

1. iPhone X

It’s costs as much as an international trip and doesn’t give you anything that some other smartphone can’t! 


2. Food at movie theaters

Firstly, the food tastes horrible. And ₹175 for a basic sandwich? No, thank you! 


3. Big-fat Indian weddings

Spending crores on a single day makes no sense. Why shell out so much money on people you don’t even know that well? Rather use it for a fancy-ass honeymoon instead! 


4. Buying 100 flowers for someone

All that prettiness will go back in a few days anyway. Gift something long-lasting, maybe? 


5. Fancy cars and bikes for Indian roads

They are supposed to be fast but traffic in India will never let that happen. Not to forget the zillion potholes everywhere!


6. BSNL broadband

Pehele instemal karein phir vishwas karein.


7. Weight loss /gain products

Nothing happens by using these products. EVER!  


8. Fairness creams

Firstly, they do not work. And secondly, there’s NOTHING wrong with skin that isn’t fair!


9. Flight food

It is expensive, bland and so not worth it! 


10. Half-shell helmets

They can not protect you from head injuries and don’t look stylish either. 


11. Starbucks coffee

How long before you realise that the tag of Starbucks alone doesn’t make a coffee worth 500 worth it?


12. Expensive wedding trousseau

Going for a ridiculously-expensive lehenga that you’ll never, ever wear after your wedding doesn’t make much sense.


13. Fancy gift wrapping

People will eventually destroy it anyway, right?


14. Abstract art

Do you even know anyone who ACTUALLY understands these?


15. Designer baby clothes

Considering babies outgrow those clothes in no time, how do these make any sense?


16. Fireworks

Why spend so much money on something that’ll not even last for a minute? Not to forget all the pollution these cause. 


17. Precious stones and metals for luck

No matter how many rings and chains you wear, what matters in the end is nothing but hard work. 


18. Alcohol and cigarettes

Health is wealth, my friend!

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