The government just banned condom ads betweem 6 am and 10 pm. The country just let out a resigned groan at yet another regressive policy by this incompetent administration. But apart from being unsurprised at this kind of illogical reasoning towards a country that has a desperate overpopulation problem, there’s also the irony that kids can watch all manner of suggestive material on the TV that’s really not appropriate.

By the government’s logic, kids shouldn’t watch condom ads because they’re sexual in nature. So then how the fuck are they watching the rest of this shit?

This reality show is as TRP hungry as any, and they tweak the situations in the house to make things as crass, violent and shocking as possible, which isn’t exactly ideal for kids. 

Programs like The Kapil Sharma Show often use highly inappropriate and crass techniques to get crude laughs. Dressing up a guy as a woman doesn’t automatically make everything funny, and can be pretty insensitive to a pretty large community. 

Axe, Wild Stone, the works. All of them use the same technique – Guy sprays himself and there’s immediately women around who want to have sex with him. Just watch this ad.

It reinstates the discriminatory belief in kids that fair is beautiful and dark is ugly. That’s a major problem our country deals with, and it’s a mindset that really needs to go. 

No matter how difficult things get, there’s always a government decision that can make it worse. 

Designs by Akansha Pushp.