Since our school days, we’ve been taught to use stuff in a manner that there’s little to no wastage. But do we really follow that lesson to the tee? We are not only guilty of unconsciously wasting things but also of doing the deed deliberately. So here are a few things that we take for granted and invariably waste!

PS. Don’t get too conscious, we’re all guilty of this.


1. The gym membership that we rarely used.


2. Clothes that were not really in fashion, but we bought them because… they were on sale!


3. The free data of your precious mobile internet plan. And we know that data is NOT meant to be wasted. For the ones who understand it, cheers! And for the ones who don’t, there’s always Airtel’s MyPlan.


4. Water while brushing our teeth and shaving. 


5. Wasting our time in small talk with our friends. 


6. That popcorn tub we flipped during a scary scene in a movie.


7. Our precious brainpower to plan a trip that we knew would never happen.


8. The electricity when we leave our ACs on even when we’re headed out.


9. Food, period. Nothing’s worse than that, you sinner!


10. Money on everything that seems cute. Extra cushions, key chains, and those Hello Kitty bags; need I say more?