For people like us, those born in the 90s, life was truly different than what it is today.

From the world of full-blown internet to ‘smart’ classes, today’s children are experiencing things we never, ever did in our childhood. 

Thanks to the ever-changing technology, both kids and the life they lead are way different than ours. And some of things are so good, we wish we had them with us, back in the 90s. 

1. Crystal-clear digital photographs

While it’s amazing to look back at our old, somewhat orange-yellow photographs, wouldn’t it to so much nicer to have them in better quality? Maybe even, upload them on Instagram?


2. Easy access to public transport

We could have attended so many get-togethers if transport wasn’t an issue back then, right? Now, all you have to do is book an Uber on an app!  


3. Easier long distance phone/video calls

We all have those friends and family members we couldn’t meet or keep in touch with back in those days. But now, the internet has made things way easier! 


4. Smart visual classes at schools

The charm of blackboards is truly eternal but we have to agree that smart classes have made students equally smarter. 


5. Smartphones

When used judiciously, these can be quite useful. And hey, a little bit of Snapchat on the side won’t hurt! 


6. Lockers in school

Oh, those heavy school bags were quite painful, right? Now, students have lockers. Just like the ones in foreign schools. Damn!


7. Super-fast internet 

Most of our childhood, we had no internet. And when it came, it was way, way too slow. But now, hello Wifi!


8. More options in the school canteen

The only things we had in our canteens were samosas, sandwiches and aaloo patty. And don’t get me started on the menu for school kids today! 


9. Exchange programs

Simply put, such concepts did not even exist back in the 90s!


10. Model United Nations

Imagine studying about diplomacy, international relations and united nations, all in school. Isn’t it totally cool? 


If you have anything else to add, let us know in the comments section below.