If you think back a few decades, it won’t take you long to realize how drastically the way we express ourselves has changed, and much of it can be attributed to our smartphones. At the turn of this century, if you were unhappy with civic amenities, you could either queue for long hours to file a complaint or write a letter. Today, you can send off a simple tweet to the concerned authorities. Earlier, wanting to talk about issues that mattered was either met with criticism or glares. Today, you will find hundreds to support you on social media. 

But in a time where our phones are an extension of ourselves, we often tend to take this freedom of expression for granted. From booking cabs in the hour of need to tweeting about something that matters in 140 characters, they are powerhouses that have reduced the distance between thought and expression to virtually nothing. That’s exactly what this video, released by Moto on Independence Day, says: it doesn’t matter whether you want to tweet or talk, #FindYourVoice and don’t be afraid to use it.  

Pro Tip: This video is best viewed on your phone in portrait mode. And don’t forget to tap on ‘Full Screen!’

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Feature Image Source: Smartphone and Price