It comes as no secret that marijuana and food go hand-in-hand, with the consumption of the former triggering off the urge for ‘munchies’. While stoners could eat just about anything and be happy about it, (because they are in a zone where everything tastes “great”), there are certain things that go perfectly with the post-cannabis high!

Here are 15 stoner treats that people love to eat after getting high!

1. Nutella

Nothing tops Nutella and I’m sure 99.9% of stoners all around the world would agree! Nutella induces a high of its own even for those who don’t smoke to get high. The best part about Nutella is that you can eat it straight outta the jar, without adding it to anything, while even if you do mix-it-up, it goes well with just about everything! 


2. Chocolate

A post-stoning experience is incomplete without the cocoa-sugar combination! Chocolate is every stoner’s favourite snack and it has been so for quite some time. While any variant of chocolate is good enough to sustain the high (courtesy the sugar content), milk chocolate is something a lot of people prefer. Melted chocolate is foodgasm, aint it?

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3. Cookies

Who can possibly hate cookies? Especially the freshly-baked ones, laced with chocolate and butter that melt in the mouth… with cashew nuts and all the good stuff that make the post-getting high experience even better? Am I asking for too much?


4. Cheese Balls

There’s a code of conduct to be followed while devouring cheese balls: you must eat all of them in one sitting. This isn’t out of compulsion but because the cheesy flavour tastes so darned good, that you can’t help but pop all of them! 


5. Bacon

Bacon is love. Love is bacon. End of story! If you’re a vegetarian, I’m sorry to say that you’re missing out on major loving in life! Also how can you eat broccoli after getting high, when it’s not even tasty?


6. Pizza

Pizza tastes heavenly after you’re high, especially the ‘burst of cheese’ that takes over your taste buds. There’s nothing better than having pizza right after you’re stoned, relishing the oozing cheese as it erupts out of every pore! Add condiments, meat and veggies & you’re good to fly higher!


7. Chuski

There’s nothing like a little chatpata to satiate your post-weed cravings. Chuski is something that we all love, but having it after you’ve smoked weed is another level of high! The tangy taste of kala khatta is definitely worth savouring!

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8. Sugar-coated candies

Did I say eating anything sugary rewards us with a sense of euphoria? Sugar-coated candies are consumables that can be found in every pot-smoker’s bag, because they simply can’t do without a sugary kick!


9. Marshmallows

Ideally, this corn-starch coated sugary delicacy is arguably one of the finest sweetmeats available in stores! It’s light, it’s fluffy, it’s tasty as fuck and leaves behind an amazingly sweet after-effect. Couple this with the euphoric high of smoking weed and you’d be flying!


10. Nachos

“Nacho saare packet faad ke!” Bad joke but you can guess the elation that happens once a packet of fiery and spicy nachos opens. Ideally paired with mayo sauce/cheese and ketchup, this is a snack that stoners around the world vouch for! 


11. Pasta

Imagine all that cheese just waiting to be devoured! All the goodness and sense of happiness that comes along with a mouthful! Mmm? Stoners love pasta, quite as much as they love sugar. 


12. Candy Floss

Soft and fluffy cotton candy comes in a lot of different flavours and colours. A treat for kids, it finds more takers amongst stoners. The taste is something out of this world and it doesn’t cost much. I wonder if that’s the reason why stoners love it!


13. Kheer

Maa ke haath ka bana kheer, laden with sugar and dry fruits is something that tastes so fuckin’ good, not even the sweetest of sweetmeat can come within sniffing distance. It’s rich, it’s thick and it’s home-made. Just don’t eat a lot in front of your mother or else she’ll know you’re high!


14. Aaloo ka paratha

Aaloo paratha with makhan is arguably the finest shudh desi preparation and imagine absolutely devouring all of it when you get the munchies? I’ll leave it up to you guys!


15. Butter chicken

Butter chicken. Need I say more?

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Damn… this feels so good!