Beautiful landscapes, limitless sky, and the sound of the sea are all you dream about every night. Your favorite time pass is looking at the globe or scrolling through stunning images of places you haven’t seen. You think more about the 7 wonders of the world than your own life. 

If you’ve done any of these things, you’re a wanderer at hear. But also, a prisoner stuck in the city. 

Life isn’t about living in an exotic castle in Prague. Or, sunbathing in Miami or Hawaii. It’s about working 9 to 5 (or more!), getting stuck in traffic and having a rather mundane existence. 

But then, one can’t stop dreaming, right? 

This list is for all those who’d rather be exploring the world but are stuck trying to get through life!

1. You want to try different cuisines but have to make do with Maggi at 3 a.m.


2. You’d rather fly off to different countries but have to go to work by Metro.


3. You want to explore different cultures and traditions but Mom won’t let you eat non-veg on Tuesdays.


4. You’d like to live in different cities but for now, have to sit with the family and watch TV.


5. Though you dream about visiting exotic places, for now, all you do is Google them.


6. You want to go for a 20-day cruise in the Mediterranean but your boss won’t give you chutti!


7. You dream of tanning on the beaches of Miami but thanks to your friends, even Goa looks like a distant dream.


8. Your social life sucks big time because every time you talk about your dream holiday, all you get is a “paka mat yaar!“.


9. You’d love to spend all your money on traveling but your salary is nothing but a joke!


10. You dream of visiting all the wonders of the world but only go to Agra every year.

India Today

11. You’ve always wanted a job that makes you travel and your job takes you places. Delhi to Gurgaon. 6 times a week. Twice every day.

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