For the uninitiated, ice roads are frozen, man-made pathways made on the surface of water bodies such as lake, river or bay. These roads link dry areas and are remade every year. Although these are seemingly dangerous ways to commute, ice roads allow transportation to places with no road access. 

They are mostly seen in polar regions and isolated regions of Northern Canada, Northern Michigan and Wisconsin, Northern Scandinavia, Northeastern China and Russia. These frozen roads usually act as a substitute to ferry routes. 

Here are a few magnificent ice roads of Canada that appear to be the handiwork of Elsa:

Dettah Ice Road

Winter Roads
Amina Lalor
Ice Road Adventures

Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Ice Road

Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road
Ice Road
Ice Road
International Traveller

Tibbit to Contwoyto Winter Road

Lisa Kelly
De Beers

The world never ceases to surprise us.