Be it male friends, husbands, or even parking attendants and random dudes on the street, female drivers have long been at the receiving end of just so much judgement. Well, all that ends today! Turns out for years now women have been building themselves a revamped new reputation with automobiles, says CBS News.

Surveys conducted by MetLife insurance revealed that 51% women consider themselves to be better drivers.

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And the evidence is on our side too. According to research firms that work for insurance companies, men are 3.4 times more likely than their female counterparts to get booked for reckless driving and 3.1 time more likely to be drunk driving. Simply put, women are the ones less likely to speed or overtake and more likely to wear seatbelts – the habits of a ‘good driver’.

The study states that, “women are on average less aggressive and more law-abiding drivers – attributes that lead to fewer accidents.”


And the survey done by Metlife indicated that men either remain surprisingly unaware of of this, or they’re hesitant to accept this new truth.


When surveyed, about 39% men claimed men to be the better drivers, and 35% actually could not decide which gender to pick.

The poll did, however, stand firmly on men’s side on one account – automotive knowledge. It showed in no uncertain terms that more men are familiar with current safety equipment and maintenance of their vehicles.

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But guess what, whether they accept it or not, men are paying for their reckless behaviour. Insurance companies everywhere focus especially on the classes of drivers that have the lowest amounts in claims – and as of some time now, that includes women.

As a result, auto insurance rates are lower for women in several parts of the world. About 9% lower than they are for men!

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Not only are the men losing money due to their unsafe habits, but lives. When the number of traffic accident fatalities were compared, it was discovered that the number of male lives lost behind the wheel was more then twice the number of female lives lost similarly.

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So watch out, men of the world. We shall have no more of that sexism-on-the-roads. And I believe we’ve got the numbers on our side. I’ll let Ron Burgundy do the rest.