It was a moment of pure horror when a lion pounced on a little girl and clutched her in its paws while over a dozen kids trapped inside with the beast screamed in fright.

Source: YouTube

The incident occurred during the Jeddah Spring festival held at the Oasis Mall. According to reports, the organiser encouraged children to enter the cage and interact with the lion. So a few parents sent their kids into the enclosure.

Apparently, the 6 months old lion cub was attracted to the butterfly hair clip that the little girl was wearing.

The feline then cornered the little girl and pinned her to the ground.

Luckily, the handler intervened in the nick of time and pulled the predator away. The little girl escaped with a few minor scratches.

Source: YouTube

The Saudi Prince Abdullah bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz, the deputy Emir of Makkah, has requested a clarification of the incident. The lion's trainer and the event organiser have also been detained.

You can watch the video clip here: