Being in a live-in relationship comes with its own ups and downs.

But it does bring a certain type of excitement in our lives with our favourite person. 

This illustrator brings out the best moments that come from living in with your girlfriend through these adorable illustrations. 

1. When her idea of 'nothing' isn't the same as yours.

2. When you're her go-to person for everything but also make her question your sense of humour.

3. When your hoodies are no longer safe from her greedy eyes.

4. If she still loves you after this, she's a keeper.

5. But sure, the way she loves you will definitely change.

6. A girl's way to her heart is through chicken nuggets.

7. Those little suprises make your whole day.

8. When you miss her the moment she leaves.

9. You know exactly how to make her happy.

10. Her biggest nightmare.

11. Sometimes the humour gets too much.

12. Wait, what?

13. Of course, that's never going to happen.

14. Eating pizza was never this fun before.

15. Fetishes have a different meaning altogether.

16. Falling sick has its own versions.

17. And night-outs are always fun.

18. Everything stupid also becomes more fun with her.

19. You guys make the best team.

20. But there are some games you definitely don't enjoy.

21. True love knows how to do it right.

22. Netflix and chill has another meaning.

Love in all its forms.