Menstrual hygiene has always been a topic of concern in our country. From talking about periods being a taboo to the unavailability of proper sanitary pads for women who cannot afford them, this issue has been addressed again and again.

And this time, the issue was addressed at the 62nd All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Bangalore. Participants set a world record for laying out the most number of sanitary pads. Officials representing the Guinness World Records confirmed that there were 10,105 sanitary pads laid out in a line which was as long as 1,078 metres.

This number is just a few hundreds short of how many pads women need in their lifetime.

Source: New Indian Express

According to reports, this initiative by the participants took about seven and a half hours to be accomplished. The design also included pads being used to make the shape of a uterus with the slogan, "Nothing's more cuterus than your uterus."

Source: SBS

Hopefully, this will create an urgent sense of awareness among the masses about how important menstrual hygiene is for a woman. 

According to a report done by National Family Health Survey, only 58% of women between the ages of 15-24 use proper means of menstruation sanitation in India. 

Source: The News Minute

Lack of sanitary pads and other means of menstrual hygiene puts females at a great risk of infection which can result in being extremely fatal to their health.