The 'laddu' prepared by a local shop in Tapeswaram, Andhra Pradesh during the Ganesh festival this year has set a Guinness Record as the largest sweetmeat of its kind. Weighing over 8,000 kg, the makers have achieved the feat for the fifth consecutive year.

"We received the Guinness World Records certificate for the fifth consecutive year. With the cooperation of our staff, people and Lord Ganesh's blessing, we bagged the award this year also," Tapeswaram's Sri Bhakta Anjaneya Sweets owner Saladi Venkateswara Rao said.

Source: Newsnation

The Guinness World Records Certificate says, "The largest individual 'laddu' weighs 8,369 kg (18,450 lb 7.78 oz) and was made by Sri Bhakta Anjaneya Sweets (India) owned by S Venkateswara Rao (India) in Tapeswaram, Andhra Pradesh, India, on 15th September 2015."

Rao's team had prepared the 'laddu' for the idol of Lord Ganesh installed at Visakhapatnam in the state during the Ganpati festival in September.

"This year we made two 'maha laddus' of 8,000 kg and 6,000 kg for Ganesh idols installed at Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada respectively," the shop owner said. He also said that they had bagged the Guinness Record for a 5,570 kg laddu in 2011, 6,599 kg in 2012, 7,132 kg in 2013 and 7,858 kg in 2014."Our next target is to prepare a 500 kg khoya (milk, sweet recipe) for Saibaba at Shirdi in Maharashtra," Rao added.