There's no doubt that the lesson in equality is something that we learn in our formative years, mostly from our parents, at home. 

But, if for some reason, we didn't get that lesson, we don't go about living our lives in ignorance of the fact that equality is important. Instead, we try to learn it from our peers and people we come across in our lives. 

But some people never learn, do they? 

Take for instance, this man on Quora who had a genius question. This is what he asked:

Not only does the question reek of sexism, it also makes for the best example in the lesson, ''How Not To Be An Asshole 101''.

Source: Time

While we were a little late to the party, other Quorans sure weren't letting this go so easy. This is what some of the epic replies were:

We couldn't have said it better than this happily-married man here.  

This woman gave him enough reasons as to why he's wrong in his argument. 

This man dissected his question and answered it in the most savage of ways.  

 While this one chose sarcasm over straight talk and nailed it like a boss!

 And this guy straight away gave him an economic lesson in relationship & finance.

Not only did he get schooled right, he got a life lesson from young and old Quorans alike. And quite rightly so. After all, who measures marriage or a relationship on how much your partner earns? Would that be a relationship at all?

Well done, good folks of Quora! 

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