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Jun 13, 2018 at 20:25

A Man Offered To Cook His Amputated Leg For His Friends & They Ate It. Bizarre Friendship Goals?

by Saumya Shresth

CAUTION: This is one of the creepiest stories of all times. 

Recently a man on Reddit with the user name IncrediblyShinyShart revealed his experience of meeting with an accident and how he got over it.

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His story is all sorts of inspiring till the time you reach the point where he tells how his leg got amputated and he thought of doing something crazy with it.

So as quoted by Shiny on Reddit- his leg was a part of him and he did not want to bury it and let it go, so he thought of eating it instead.

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You read that right. 

The story gets more bizarre and seriously WTF! 

Shiny invited 10 of his close friends over dinner who agreed to taste his amputated leg, one of his chef friends cooked the leg for everyone and they enjoyed it just another regular meat. 

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If you are wondering if he got jailed for doing so? The answer is- NO! In some countries ethical cannibalism is legal and eating human meat with consent is not an offense.

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Shiny did just that and is very happy today. According to him trying something unrealistic when he had lost something really precious was the goal, a dinner made unforgettable for him and all his friends. Shiny was all about making a nonfunctional part of his body, not just a memory but a pretty crazy plan. 

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If you want to see these extremely graphic, make-you-sick-in-the-stomach pictures, you are more than welcome to click this link here

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