Manish Dayal is an Indian-American actor, gaining popularity for his roles in The Resident, Viceroy's House and The Hundred-Foot Journey. His role in The Resident of a doctor is cashing in all the praises and hearts. And we are already flatlining seeing this handsome papacito's charm and outstanding performances.

Here's to acknowledging this newly discovered gem. 

Manish plays the role of Dr Devon Pravesh in The Resident. Describing his character, he says,

"Devon is a first-generation Indian American kid from a blue-collar colony in Queens, graduates top of his class from Harvard, who hopes to heal and change people’s lives. To me, that is what it means to be American right now."

No arguments here!

So pretty. Let me just die for him. And then he could resurrect me. What a real meet cute, no?

On a serious note, what makes the role of Manish in The Resident, and the TV show itself stand out amidst all the other medicine-industry based representations is that it's more real. No stethoscope-dangling doctors here, who could diagnose patients in a blink, and cure them instantly.

 In Manish's words,

“It’s a new way to talk about what it means to be a doctor in a hospital in the United States. It’s a very cutthroat and very competitive field to be in, especially today.”

Apart from saving lives onscreen, Manish also works in cooperation with The Nanubhai Education Foundation based in New York City, which works to improve education in rural India. 

He also uses his reach to encourage bone-marrow donation.

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And he cooks! Complete package alert?

i made this.

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Be patient, my heart. The doctor's here.

Some debonair doctor he is.

Sorry apples, this doctor is not going anywhere.

Sunday waiting for Monday mood.

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Born in Orangeburg, South Carolina, he started his career with the commercials for McDonald's, Windows, Nintendo, and Domino's Pizza. After some minor roles in TV shows and films, he got his first breakthrough in The Hundred Foot Journey (2014), where he played the role of Hassan Kadam.

Conscious of the roles limited to representation that are given to him, he says,

“As an Indian actor, I’m commonly playing characters who are underrepresented in Hollywood... That’s something that I’ve always experienced throughout my whole career.”

2 weeks, amigos! #haltandcatchfire 8/23

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Presenting you a doctor, who's definitely not healthy for you. Wuddup, yo?

Now brace yourself for some doctor puns.

I sure wouldn't mind being his emergency contact.

Face cut so sharp, he doesn't need scissors to perform surgeries. Say whaaa?

peace in DTLA. 📸@lastyoni

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ICU in my dreams. Eh? Eh?

this week in NYC.

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Just got my reports. I am diagnosed with severe love sickness. 

Okay, cooling it with the doctor puns, now.

Also, I should have had told you this before, he's kinda married, and has an oh-so-cute family.

Feeling heart broken already? Yeah, same. Well, bye. You'll find me binge-watching The Resident, on Netflix here. Let's fangirl, gurrrll.