In every organisation, employees are asked to furnish details about their marital status. But if you are working at this government hospital in Bihar, you may also have to declare details about your sex life as well.

The government-run Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences in Patna, Bihar, on Wednesday sparked a controversy after it asked its employees to furnish details about their virginity and the 'number of wives' they had. In its bizarre marital status declaration form, the institute asked employees to tell whether they are bachelors, widowers or virgins.

The employees were also asked to write about the number of wives they had.

'Virgin doesn't have to do with virginity'

When the move sparked reactions, the authorities maintained that the employees have been filling the form since the inception of the institute in 1983.  College medical superintendent Manish Mandal told Hindustan Times that the term 'virgin' does not have anything to do with virginity, but with marital status.

He told News 18 that the virginity clause may help if a 'rape case is registered in future'.

He also added that the move is in tandem with Central Civil Services (CCS) rules which is followed by AIIMS.

'Virgin means girl, unmarried girl or holy land'

His views were echoed by Bihar's health minister Mangal Pandey who found nothing objectionable in the form.

"The meaning of the word virgin according to dictionary is girl, unmarried girl or holy land. These are not objectionable words, still people came to me with this issue. I even discussed it with AIIMS officials who confirmed that it is their format," he said.

However, the All India Institute of Medical Science Delhi has rubbished the reports about the 'AIIMS format'.

"We have confirmed it will all the departments. Nowhere it is practised in our institution," an official from the media protocol division told ScoopWhoop News.

Dr Vijay Kumar Gujjar of Resident Doctors' Association also denied having filled any form which has virginity clause. "What are you even talking about? There are only two columns - married and unmarried. Nothing else," he said. 

Another official who wished to remain unnamed called it ridiculous." In the past six years at AIIMS, I have not come across anything like this. As of now, it is the 'virgin' column. Will they now also start conducting virginity tests of the employees," he questioned.

The hospital has now removed the word 'virgin' from the declaration form after the controversy and has issued a new form on Thursday. ScoopWhoop News tried to get in touch with the officials at IGIMS but they didn't respond. 

Feature image source: Representational/Reuters