Matthew Perry, better known as the Chandler Bing once went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he was at his best.

No, we are not kidding!

Let's just say if it was an episode of FRIENDS, it'd be called, "The One Where Chandler Beat Up Justin Trudeau". 

Source: Yahoo

This video uploaded by mdawngrey on YouTube is all you need for your Friday dose of laughter. This is what he said.

I have a story about him that I'm not proud of. We actually beat up Justin Trudeau. I think he was excelling in sports that we weren't really good at. So it was pure jealousy.
Source: Canadify

Skip to 11:15 for the part where Matthew recalls beating up the favourite Prime Minister of the Internet.

Source: Metro

Obviously, soon after the show aired, the Canadian PM announced on Twitter that he was challenging Perry to a rematch! 

And while we would give anything to watch that re-match, Matthew admitted that he was just a little nervous. Trudeau is a whole damn Prime Minister, after all. 

But, that would be an episode worth watching. The One With The Rematch.