Remember when popular TV actors posted hidden-face selfies on Insta? Can’t recall? Click here

Well, we have finally found out the reason behind those weird selfies and, that is, a ‘bad beard day’. Yep, that’s a thing, peeps! Guess I can never understand men’s grooming! Anyway, now that the mystery has finally revealed, let me tell y’all how did they deal with the crisis situation… 

Guys, it was quite simple ’cause Havells’ Men’s Grooming products got ’em covered! 

Yep, you read that right! These celebs were a part of Havells’ latest campaign called #BEARDKYUNHOWEIRD. Okay now, that explains their post captions! *sigh of relief* Anyway, as soon as I found out about this campaign, I started to look for more info and guess what I found? 

Well, well, well… Ladies and gentlemen, make way for Vicky Kaushal! *wink wink*  

Yeah guys, I am not kidding! Vicky Kaushal is officially the face of Havells’ Men’s Grooming range!!! *loud screams and applause* To add a cherry on top, Vicky will also be sharing his favourite grooming tips. So men, take notes and women, you can drool over Vicky’s pictures! 😝 

And, here’s what the VP Marketing of Havells, Mr Amit Tiwari, said about their recent collaboration with none other than Vicky Kaushal: 

“The Havells #BeardKyunHoWeird campaign is one of its kind on the digital platform to encourage people to groom and style their beards to be the perfect expression of themselves. We are very happy to associate with Vicky Kaushal as the face of the category. He is an inspiration for the grooming freaks and we are excited to see him share his grooming ideologies with people across all Havells digital properties.” 

Now, what are y’all waitin’ for? Take charge of your looks and up your grooming game with Havells personal grooming products. And then, you can keep flooding your social pages with mantastic selfies! Okay bye! 


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