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It’s tough to create your own destiny in this world, but if you’re a woman, you’d know it’s tougher for women out there. Women are expected to stay at home, cook, run errands and do everything to make everyone else’s life easy. While most women are now excelling across fields, they are still subjected to lessons about how to take care of the household while growing up, men are only expected to be the breadwinners. Recent research shows that in 2016, there were 63% of married men who felt that doing the household chores was a woman’s job and that working outside was supposed to be just for the men in the house. But, a change is coming. The research also showed that by 2018 the number had come down, and 52% of married men still considered household chores to be a woman’s job and it’s an inspiring indication of the things changing.

Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad movement has been spreading this strong message to the world forcing people to think. Obviously, equality is still utopic but in our homes, equality comes with no price. An equal home is a happy home. Don’t you all agree? But the most integral part of this is the change in mindset. I mean what’s wrong in a man cooking or crying or washing clothes? It would just help them be more independent and of course, share the load of domestic chores with their partners. Just as the video conveys, when we teach our women to be self-sufficient, why not men? Why should men be made to depend on women all the time? When are WE going to have the realisation that Riu’s mom has in the video, that sons need to be taught about running the house as much as the daughters? And the #ShareTheLoad movement has brought that realisation into the mindset of people and has really shared the tasks. That’s the fun of having a family, we share and care together, right? 

Here’s a heartwarming video by Ariel that shows how the much-needed change is finally happening:

A happy home is one where everyone is responsible for their chores. So isn’t it time we repaid all the women in our lives for all the hard work they have done for us? To all the fellow men out there, let’s take a pledge to not let the women carry all the burdens of the household by themselves. Dear men, let’s #ShareTheLoad!