So, I was recently just scrolling through my feed which was filled with people doing the viral t-shirt-handstand challenge when I bumped into an account that changed my life forever.

A fitness Greek god who goes around by Roy_Gold on Instagram is the actual gold I didn't know I needed to survive this extended lockdown.

Watching videos of Roye Goldschmidt effortlessly groove into all these fitness stunts while eating a bag of chips is officially my new hobby.

I mean this man makes balancing look so easy with his swift moves that I actually got out of my bed to try it. And let me just tell you, please don't try these at home without a trainer, trust me, I speak from experience.

I mean, honestly, I'm trying to catch my breath looking at his videos:

And can we please take a minute to acknowledge how perfectly carved his washboard abs are? Looking at his abs, I think I've forgotten how to count

And if that wasn't enough, he's also a very focused trickster:

I mean is this hottie's body made out of elastic or gelatin? Because it's definitely not made out of bones.

I mean I can just look at his graceful poses all day, every day.

That's all folks.