Everyone wants to have a life partner they can love and cherish for the rest of their lives. And usually, it’s a person you like more than everybody else in your life.

But that might not be the case for men. Or women too.

According to a study, men prefer their bromance over romance. The study states that men get more satisfaction emotionally from their guy-best-friend than a woman they’re romantically involved with.


The participants in the study admitted to being much more comfortable with their buddy. 99% of the people involved in the study said that they have at least one ‘brother’ they are totally open with and have shared things like the same bed and secrets that nobody else knows.


They also claimed that it is easier for them to express their affection for the bro than their bae. The study stated that men feel less judged in front of their guy friends in comparison to their girlfriends or wives.

The participants also added that they’re more likely to share personal problems with their guy friend as they feel more at ease with them. 

The Indian Express

One person went as far as saying that ‘lovers are temporary’ while ‘a bromance can last a lifetime’.

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