We know Mr. Tharoor to be his eloquent self using words from that part of the dictionary that we have never visited in our lives. The master orator is also a very active social media user, who keeps his followers pretty amused with his brilliantly worded tweets. 


So this time, when Mr. Tharoor decided to tweet in Hindi, Twitter was pleasantly surprised. 

Shashi Tharoor, on the occasion of Hindi Diwas, tweeted this. 

Hmm, read it again, for there are errors. 

The one time Shashi Tharoor decided to tweet in Hindi, unfortunately got the sentence very wrong. 


And Twitter like always loved to play teacher and quickly pointed out the glaring error in the liguistic genius’ tweet. 

World Hindi Day is observed every year with an objective to promote the usage of Hindi internationally. 

Tharoor had earlier asked in Parliament why should India make an effort to make Hindi as one of the languages in the United Nations as it is only one of the official language and not the national language.