We live in a beautiful world but it’s impossible to see all its wonders, at once. That’s when the internet comes to our rescue. The virtual world is graced with the presence of all things beautiful. Lately, the world found Arshad Khan, a tea-seller from Pakistan with piercing blue eyes and looks that could kill. While he enjoys the fame and takes on modelling assignments, our netizens have already moved on to the next-big-thing.

Say hello to Franco Noriega!


Franco is a chef by profession and owns a Peruvian rotisserie called BABY BRASA in New York.


If you’re already finding it difficult to catch your breath then wait till you see him slaying photoshoots. 

Well, hello there, Mr. Perfect!


Franco moved to the US to become an actor and the next thing you know, he was picked up for a Dolce & Gabbana campaign.

Thank god for that!


Soon, he decided to pursue his passion for cooking and attended culinary school.  

Now, who wouldn’t want a classmate like him?


He told the New York Times that, “I go to stores without a shirt because I’m so used to it, given that I hail from a tropical country.

The supermarket is my new favorite place now!


And now, hold your breath for the best treat ever. 

The man uploads shirtless cooking tutorials on Facebook. Ain’t he God’s greatest creation?

Just in case you want to turn the heat up further, without disturbing your electricity bill, you can simply go through Franco Noriega’s Instagram feed!

You’re welcome, Ladies!