"I like to be a free spirit. Some don't like that, but that's the way I am." 

These beautiful words by Princess Diana speak volumes. In today's world, women are taking  unconventional routes and living their life full of fun and spontaneity. Mia's new film for their Me In Action campaign resonates with the exact same thought. It shows a young and hip woman restaurateur juggling multiple things at once; she's a waitress, a sprinter, a leader, a follower and there's so much more she's bringing to the table than just running a restaurant. She has a spring in her step whenever she's in action, a feeling of youthful zest and uber-coolness that she takes along wherever she goes.

A 'woman in action' is peppy and wakes up every day to unapologetically chase down her dreams, who wears her confidence, unabashedly speaks her mind and doesn't hold herself back from expressing her opinions. To exemplify this thought, Mia has come up with a fun and edgy collection of modern jewellery that gives you the right amount of bling and the confidence to express your unique personality the way you want. Their trendy jewellery collection is celebrating the fun, the passionate and the spontaneous woman who isn't afraid to stand-up for what she believes in. Check out the fun video below:

We got inspired by Mia's video and decided to celebrate the spunky women at our workplace who are so passionate about their work and craft, that we get to learn a thing or two by just being around them.

Meet these 5 fabulous Scoopwhoop women who are slaying at their work desk.

1. Sonali Mushahary, Managing Editor 

2. Vidushi Dora, Group Account Manager

3. Aakansha Pushp, Art Director

4. Arushi Kapoor, Actor

5. Lubna Hasan, Video Director

Inspired much? Tell us about your 'me in action' moment in the comments below and check out Mia's latest collection here.