The Indian primetime is generally so high on the decibel level, it ends up putting off even the most earnest followers of news. However, once in a blue moon this very primetime gives us a moment of absolute beauty. Last night, Minister of State Baldev Singh Aulakh who insisted on Vande Mataram be sung like his many BJP allies, got called out by anchor Rahul Kanwal when he asked the minister to lead by example and sing 4 lines of the national song.

What followed were the most awkward, excruciating 7 minutes in recent primetime history, as minister Aulakh continued to deflect the anchor's request and kept repeating the line which translates 'we're not asking for a certificate, just for them to sing the national song and depict pride for their nation.' This kept going on and on and Kanwal realising his opportunity kept pressing the minister for 4 lines, and eventually ended up showing the administration's hypocrisy in the matter.

You can watch the whole video here:

The directive came after BMC made the national song mandatory in all civic schools in Mumbai, after which the Madras HC ordered the song become mandatory in all schools and offices. Following which, UP CM Yogi Adityanath issued a circular about Independence Day celebrations inside madrasas with video proof, which includes them singing Vande Mataram.

However, since the minister of the administration himself doesn't know the national song, what right does it have to enforce it upon the citizens?