A recent comprehensive report titled State of Working India 2018, published by Azim Premji University, shows a harrowing side of the Indian economy wherein 82% male and 92% female workers are paid less than ₹10,000 a month.

Source: Youth Ki Awaaz

This is less than what is recommended in the Seventh Central Pay Commission which currently holds at ₹18,000. Most of the workers are paid less than what can be termed as a living wage.

This explains the heavy inclination and migration towards government jobs which ensures that they get paid according to the mandate of the Seventh Central Pay Commission.

Source: The Indian Express

According to the report, due to unavailability and low-paying jobs, India is experiencing its highest rate of unemployment in 20 years despite a steady growth in the country's GDP. 

The study found that a 10% growth in GDP resulted in less than 1% rise in employment. The ratio of GDP growth to employment growth, now, is less than 0.1.

Source: Financial Express

Another shocking truth which was highlighted in the report was that India is plagued with a growing rate of open unemployment among the educated youth. 

This is a direct result of underemployment and low wages offered which adds to the ever-persistent jobless growth.

Source: The Responsible Indian

Unemployment, though strewn across India, according to the report, is mainly concentrated in northern India. This comes as a blow to the people who were of the opinion that an aggressive growth in economy ensures a steady growth of employment.

You can read the full report here.