People all over the world might be into the craze of getting fit and dieting and all that shit but us Indians; we will only go so far when it comes to giving up food!

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According to a survey by Ipsos, 77% of Indians would choose food if they were given the choice between eating good food and being thin. 

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Ipsos conducted the survey with around 1,000 urban Indians last year. The company emphasised that the sample couldn't be extrapolated to all Indians but it did represent a more affluent, connected population representing an important and emerging 'middle class'.

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The study revealed that eating well was given more importance by the middle class and dieting had limited traction with them. 

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According to the report by Quartz, about 74% of the respondents were happy with their current weight.

Meanwhile, 57% of them said that they had tried cutting calories in order to lose some weight.

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More importantly, 59% of them believed that most diet plans ultimately failed. 

According to the survey, even when Indians watch their weight, they do it because of their love for food. 67% of respondents said that the only reason behind them exercising was so that they could eat whatever they like. 

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We Indians do love our food. They didn't have to do a survey to prove that!