In an incident that will put smiles on people's faces, an honest autorickshaw driver from Rabale returned a passenger's bag which reportedly contained gold jewellery worth ₹1 lakh.

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According to The Times of India, Sonu Panigrahi, the man in question, spotted that a bag had fallen on the road after he dropped his passenger and the owner of the same, Manoj Patil.

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Panigrahi took a U-turn after spotting the bag and realised that it was his passenger's bag. 

He tried looking for the passenger that he dropped just moments ago, but couldn't.

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Hence, he deposited the bag at Rabale police station. Two hours later, Patil arrived at the same police station to lodge a complaint. Little did he know that there was a sweet surprise waiting for him. 

His bag was returned in the presence of the auto rickshaw driver.