What’s better than eagerly waiting for our music maestro A.R. Rahman to bless us with his latest songs, you ask? 

It is watching videos of him composing his brilliant masterpieces with his very talented son, A.R Ameen. 

In fact, a recent video of A.R Rahman fingerboarding with his prodigal son has surfaced on the internet and we’re constantly playing it on loop. 

The father-son duo’s melodious symphony is so catchy and well-coordinated that it’s almost unbelievable.

After listening to this and a couple of other compositions by A.R Ameen, I think it’s safe to say that we have found A.R Rahman 2.0. 

Netizens have gone gaga over the duo’s addictive symphony: 

Watch the full video here:

Can’t wait for them to come out with new songs together.