Okay, I like Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s talented, funny and he freaking voiced Smaug. But I love Pink Floyd way more. If you grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, going through the Pink Floyd catalogue was like a rite of passage for any self-respecting music lover. And some of us, never get over that phase. Why should we? It’s Pink Floyd after all. While they disbanded a long time ago, their legacy is pretty much immortal. So you can see why anything that remotely messes with Comfortably Numb, can earn our wrath.

Now that Roger Waters and David Gilmour hardly perform together, they often have to include other singers to sing some of each other’s verses. In one of David Gilmour’s recent gigs, that slot was filled by Benedict Cumberbatch, who, mind you, is not a singer. I mean, he’s not bad, but… ugh, just check this out.


Fine, music is a subjective thing and a lot of you might think Cumberbatch did a decent job, and I’m totally okay with you having that opinion. But why or why did he have to walk away as soon as his bit was done? It’s a classic song and you just walk away from it after your part is done? I don’t know about you and maybe this is the Pink Floyd fanboy in me speaking, but that seems a little disrespectful.

P.S. Dear uploader, there’s a special place is hell for those who cut the video mid-solo. You know, the same one that was voted the best guitar solo ever?