Bringing Indian folk together with groovy contemporary sounds from around the world, the indie music community of the country is blowing our minds everyday. And that is exactly what Nirali Kartik and Kartik Shah of Maati Baani fame have done once again.

Maati Baani

In their latest track, Mhaari Re Mangetar, Nirali and Kartik have collaborated with musical stars from around the world. Their stellar line-up this time, includes popular acappella artist, singer and producer Alaa Wardi from the Middle East and two innovative musicians from Australia, Zaia Kendall and Linsey Pollak – who incredibly played a clarinet he made from, literally, a carrot – and it’s certainly got us excited.

Directed by Reema Sengupta and Kunal Punjabi’s Catnip, what makes this video a truly extraordinary work of art is that all the collaborating artists made their audio and video contributions to the making, remotely – yep, from right where they were in the world. A team of exceptional editors from Ekabhuya’s Digital Direction put their talents together to make this hip new song possible.

Check out the 100% certified fresh video here:

For all that desi funk, this golden track undeniably belongs on every Indian wedding playlist. Way to go!