Sponsored by Subway
You have exactly one life to do everything you’ll ever do. Act accordingly.  – Colin Wright

Life is nothing but a summation of all our actions and decisions. What sets us all apart depends on how and when we choose to do these. For it is persuasion, dedication, and the sheer will to achieve something that gets us going.

Inspiring us all to live the life we desire, Subway recently launched its first ever music video, ‘Make It What You Want.’ It features singing sensations Darshan Raval and Shor Police and believe me, the song is pretty much the boost we all need. With lyrics that are meaningful and music that’s indie and upbeat, it surely deserves to be on your morning jam to work. Moreover, it’s interesting to note how the brand wants us to experience food the way we experience life – just the way we want it. Food for thought, no? Watch the video here.