Set those bongs and shot glasses aside, ladies and gentlemen, for there’s a new way to get high which your parents might approve of. Now you can listen to your trippy, trance music and get even trippier with these headphones that claim to get you high.


The high-tech earphones, apparently, electrically stimulate the Vagus nerve which runs down the brainstem and the abdomen and is connected to major organs. The Nervana signals stimulate centers of the brain rich in cells which produce dopamine which flood us with feelings of pleasure and relaxation.


Activities like sex, gambling and drugs have been found to boost dopamine levels by stimulating pleasure centers in our brain which trigger neurotransmitters that lead to sensations akin to happiness, love and a generally sunny mood. Nervana syncs sounds with the music you’re playing and targets the Vagus nerve so that you can literally immerse yourself in your music. There seems to be a ring of truth to the Vagus nerve theory as it has been found effective in treating depression.


There’s a pocket sized, compact Nervana generator responsible for pushing out the signals which can be connected to any music player by an audio jack and then the Nervana earphones take over to send these electrical impulses to your brain. 


You can even select the intensity level on the generator. For a trippier experience they advise you to spray salt water water solution onto the headphones for better conductivity of the signal.

The coolest thing yet about these headphones, is that when you flip over to its ambient mode, it picks up the music surrounding you. Say if you’re in a Coldplay concert it gives you the same euphoric experience by syncing sounds to the surrounding music.

That’s the easiest way to getting high in a concert without being escorted out by hefty men.


There is however, no official evidence to claim that it actually increases dopamine levels. The team of medical professionals who are the real brains behind the project also claim that there is no risk of overstimulation or addiction but they do advise you not to get loopy and drive and happily bash your car into a tree after about 30 mins of prolonged use of the Nervana.

It’s pricey at $300 and you can get your set here.


Now play that favourite song on the loop.