We all fiercely defend our music choices, and will fight anyone who comes to us saying they have heard a better version of that song we love so much. We go to such great lengths to prove them wrong, only sometimes, maybe they are right. 

Well, King’s Goa (makers of some fine beer) with T-Series and Saavn, have come up with T Series “Mixtape”, and it is not just a bunch of songs recorded one after the other in a cassette. These are renditions of some of our most beloved songs given a soulful twist.

I mean, what do you think happens if you take two songs, bring them together in one melody, and put two smooth singers in a room? Euphonious magic. So much so that at points you won’t even realize that two different songs are being sung together.

The first season featured 17 exceptional songs performed by 26 prolific performers, and we can’t wait for Season 2 already. 

But while you wait, give a listen to ten of these amazing mashups from the album. 

1.  Agar Tum Saath Ho & Maahi Ve

This is an absolute favorite, a beautiful amalgamation of two of AR Rahman’s most loved songs. Seriously, you will keep this on loop for quite a while. 

2. Ambarsariya & Suit Suit

Mark my words: wherever you are, this will instantly make you want to dance it out. And not in a subtle shoulder jiggle way.

3. Kaise Mujhe & Tum Ho 

This song + long drive = memories, so many memories. You think you up for it? You will break into smile every time the song plays. 

4. Kabira & Naina

Remember Naina from Khoobsurat? And of course, Kabira is an all time favorite. This mash up will bring back some really fond memories in the backdrop of some exquisite instrumental interludes.

5. Main Agar Kahoon & Bol Do Na Zara

There is Raghav Sachar on saxophone for this one! A jazz twist to these two songs coming together makes this one a melodious track which will make for a great couple’s dance number.

6. Tose Naina & Tum Jo Aaye

The tryst of the ravanahatha and the tabla for this mashup gives it a very Rajasthani slash classical feel; soft, dulcet and soothing. 

7. Sab Tera & Soch Na Sake

A honeyed romantic number right here for you folks. This song is a long walk in the garden or the beach, or the everyday life things that are small, yet beautiful.

8. Mera Mann & Yahin Hoon Main

This song is sweet, innocent and uncharacteritically cute that it will make you want to hug it. Basically, it’s just like Ayushmann Khurana himself.

9. Ehna Akhiyan Yaar Mangiyasi & Nachda

This mash up is a Punjabi folkish dark house of the album. And the two strong voices rendering the song only add to the powerful quality of the number.

10. Dua & Saware

Soulful and strumming those painful memories of a lost love that we all carry, this one will stay with you for a while.

Pretty good, no?

And if you want to give the whole album a listen, you can do it right here.