I feel that dancing is the most beautiful expression of spirits. When you see a dancer having the time of their life with their infectious energy, beatific expressions, and flexible moves, you feel that itch to shake your body and groove to the music as well. 

Usha Jey’s Instagram

Fortunately, the Internet is bustling with some really out-of-the-box videos of the most graceful dancers all over the world. One such unique video is going viral over social media. In the said video, three beautiful dancers are performing a hybrid dance, a fusion of the classical Bharatanatyam with western Hip-Hop on Lil Wayne’s track called ‘Uproar.’   

The dance was choreographed by Usha Jey, who also uploaded the now-viral video on Instagram.

Here’s the viral video that has set the Internet on fire

Not a surprise, but Netizens are in absolute love with the performance. 

And who wouldn’t love it? It is LIT AF!

The Internet is legit on fire!

Spot-on choreography on a contagious track with seamless coordination and dope expressions; this performance is just perfect. It’s going to be on loop in my mind for a long-long time.

So see you later now, I need to re-watch the video for the zillionth time!