The underwater world of the mighty seas and oceans is a fascinating mystery. The deeper we dive, the more intriguing it gets. It's true that we're still unknown to a myriad of creatures that reside in the sea and it's only when something emerges from the deep waters do we get thrilled about the undiscovered world right under us.

So recently, when a mysterious creature washed up on the shore in Indonesia’s central Maluku province, it created a frenzy among locals as well as marine biologists.

Source: Facebook/abangakap

The gigantic dead animal, over 50 feet long, was first spotted by Asrul Tuanakota, a local man, who mistook it for a stranded boat.

Source: Facebook/abangakap

At first, the fishermen thought it to be a giant squid, but according to the coordinator of Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Resources Management, it could be a whale.

Lab tests are being conducted to identify the species.

Source: Facebook/abangakap

The mystery animal is believed to have died at least 3 days ago before it washed ashore. Take a look at the video below: