A few weeks back, I wrote a piece on life lessons you can learn from a naagin.

While that changed my life to a large extent (hopefully yours, too), I was wondering how great it would be if we had the superpowers of a naagin because we can REALLY use some of those. 

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So, let us look at some superpowers of a naagin that we'd kill to borrow. 

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1. Shape-shifting into any animal or person because two personalities are always better than one. 

Want to know what your ex is up to? Become his best friend. Landlord won't allow you inside after 12? Become a makkhi. Want attention that you never get? Become a dog (personal favourite).


2. Growing or shrinking your body because sometimes size matters.

You can use this power in parties you don't want to attend. Just go there and shrink to the size of an ant and just chill the fuck out. Or when your parents say 'badi kab hogi tum?' Do that literally (my jokes will get better, I promise).

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3. Ability to communicate without speaking kyunki har jazbaat bayaan nahin kiya jaata.

If you love gossiping with your fellow naagins, mind communication can be great for a place like office where bitching can put you at risk. 

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4. Fire-spitting abilities to show that jigar maan badi aag hai.

No lighter? No problem. Be a self-sufficient woman in every sense and carry your own fire wherever you go. 

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5. Possessing healing powers to cope with all the zakhm this bereham duniya has given.

If you're someone who trips on invisible objects and finds random bruises on their body 3 days later, you'd love to have this power. 

I wonder, though, if this includes emotional healing too because I desperately need it (JK, I am fine. I AM F****NG FINE).

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6. Having access to sleeping poison because kuch log sote hue zyaada achche lagte hain.

If this thing is real, it'll be great to use on annoying 'morning people' who talk before you have had your chai. Also, relatives, boring dates, news anchors and politicians. All of them need a good night's sleep....even in the day.

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7. Ability to change weather because mood swings are too mainstream.

Bae is leaving but you don't want him to. Aise toh maanega nahin, so conjure a storm *wink wink*.

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8. The ability to move objects without touching kyunki mere haathon mein jaadu hai.

After a long day at work, it would be great to be able to move things without moving an inch from your place (all the lazy people raise your hands).

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9. Turning people into a rock whenever they objectify you. 

So, a certain kind of naagin can turn you into a rock if you look into her eyes. It's an ideal power to use on people who treat you like an object. 

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10. Ability to elongate certain parts of the body kyunki mann hai yaar. Har cheez ka explanation dun kya?

If I had this power, there would probably be cobwebs on my body because yo girl ain't movin' if she has the option of not movin'. 

This can help you put everything 'in place', including people. 

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We want these powers, man. Why should naagins have all the fun?