If you're anything like me, you're also probably pretty lost when random drug jargon is thrown around in conversation as if you're in a room of Jim Morrisons. What exactly is smack? What all do people call roofies? How many damn names are there for heroin? Who knows, right?

We do. So wonder no more, people. Here are some of the many names that these 21 deadly drugs are commonly known by.

1. Cocaine

One of the most notorious illicit drugs, cocaine is a snorted, smoked or injected for it's famed burst of energy or euphoria.

2. LSD

This psychedelic drug gives its user a 12-hour trip that's characterised by hallucinations and out-of-body experiences.

3. Heroin

Intensely addictive and injected with a needle, this one creates a numb, euphoric high and goes by many names.

4. GHB

Illegally used often as a date-rape drug, GHB or Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid is a strong psychoactive drug.

5. Marijuana

A psychoactive drug that has several medicinal properties too, marijuana can be smoked, vaped or eaten and is mostly characterised by its generated change in perception and a distinct increase in appetite.


A common go-to party drug, MDMA or Methylenedioxy-Methamphetamine causes a rush of dopamine to the brain.

7. Meth or Methamphetamine

Nearly three times as powerful as cocaine, with a high that lasts for hours, Meth is a strong stimulant that can be smoked or injected for an intense high.

8. PCP

PCP or Phencyclidine is a dissociative anesthetic drug that drives users into disorientation, and causes a loss of bodily and mental control.

9. Adderall

A strong amphetamine and originally intended to help with ADHD, Adderall is often abused as a drug to induce a focused rush of positivity and energy.

10. Bath Salts

These cleaning chemicals have become popular recreational intoxicants with intense and sometimes irreversible side effects.

11. Ketamine

Designed as a veterinary anaesthetic, this colourless liquid or white powder has a tranquillising effect.

12. Mushrooms

Psychedelic mushrooms, usually plainly eaten, contain mind-altering chemicals that lead to hallucinations and euphoria.

13. Ritalin

Ritalin is a slightly less common, but equally dangerous relative of the drug Adderall. Commonly prescribed for ADHD, it is now commonly abused for a quick high.

14. Vicodin

This powerful painkiller is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen and is popularly misused despite its great potential for addiction.

15. Xanax

This anti-anxiety medication has become an increasingly abused drug that has a relaxing effect, but is highly addictive.

16. Fentanyl

Fentanyl is extremely potent, synthetic opioid pain medication that gives the user a warm and dulled high.

17. Roofie or Rohypnol

Though the drug has medical uses, it has a paralysing effect and is often illegally used as a date-rape drug.

18. Oxycodone

A strong narcotic painkiller, oxycodone is a tablet that is often crushed and snorted.

What's in a name, one might ask. But after reading this, you probably won't.

Groovy designs by Disha Bhanot