Whether you’re an average millennial trying to find a place in the world or a literal World No. 1 tennis champion, there’s no escape from ‘mummy ki daant’. And Naomi Osaka knows it far too well.

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After her win at the Australian Open, Osaka had a sit-down with the press that supposedly went on for a while. After she was done with media interviews she finally got the opportunity to talk to her mother and hilarity ensued when she did. In a WTA Insider Podcast Osaka said:

“I called my mom after I did all the press. She didn't even say congratulations. She just yelled at me to go to sleep. So I felt really loved.”

So it’s official. No matter where you are and how well you’re doing for yourself, mums will always be worried about us having a full stomach and getting a full night’s sleep.

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De-throning desis when it comes to strict parenting, Osaka’s mum and dad sure know a thing or two about tough love. She further added:

“I guess for me if my mum calls me and she’s excited, that would be the most happiest moment for me, and also my dad (Leonard Francois) … he doesn’t say anything.”

Naomi Osaka is a tennis world champion, but parents will be parents, no matter who you are.