To all the foodies, who think the fasting days of Navratri comes with boring sabudana food; this article is going to make you very happy. These 10 colourful thalis (with information as to where to find them) will expand your food horizons beyond pyaaz (onion). No more 'sacrifries', yo

1. Navratri Special Thali at Zambar

Price - ₹ 390

Where - Zambar, Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon

Availability - 10th-18th October

Zambar's special thali is a delight for foodies. If you're bored of your average Navratri food, then head to Zambar for an affordable yet delicious thali comprising of singara puri, samak pulao, paneer masala, chironji ki daal, potato kola, saguthana payasam.

Source: ndian Express

2. Special Navratri Thali at Sanadige 

Price - ₹ 999

Where - Sanadige, Chankyapuri, New Delhi

Availability - 10th-18th October

Sanadige's Special Navratri Thali is one wholesome 3-course meal with welcome drinks just at ₹ 999. Starting with arbi pakoda and sweet potato chaat appetisers, the next course comprises of jeera aloo, kadu ki sabzi, aloo tamatar ki subzi served with kuttukipuri/samak ki pundi, sabhudane ke papad, anar ka raita, samak rice, and sabudana khichdi. Phew. And the last but not the least, you finish with special desserts – fresh cut fruits and elaneer payasam.

Source: Hungry Forever

3. Navratri Thali at Punjab Grill

Price- ₹1200 plus taxes

Where- Punjab Grill in Khan Market, Pacific Mall, Starling Mall, Ambience Mall & Select City Mall

Availability - 10th-18th October

Punjab Grills brings a lip-smacking variety of colourful authentic Navratri food like kacche kele ki tikki, kheere ke pakode ki kadi, chironji ki dal. The wholesome meal finishes strong with desserts - kesari rasmalai and doodh ka halwa. Drooling already or whaaa?

4. Navratra Special at Daniell's Tavern

Price - ₹ 2500

Where - The Imperial Janpath Lane, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Availability - 9th-18th October

A wholesome satvik cuisine in a traditional thali put together by the chefs at the Tavern. The thali offers delicious dishes like sabudana khichdi, chironji ki dal, kabab-e-kela, khire ka pakoda and makhana kheer

Source: The Imperial India

5. Navratri Special at Roseate Hotels & Resorts

Price - ₹ 1800

Where - DEL and Kiyan, Roseate Hotels and Resorts 

Availability - 10th–18th October

Roseate Hotel and Resorts offers a incredible range of Navratri food ranging from paneer panchratan, arbi shammi, aloo akhrot, dal dhokli, singhara atta puris, samwat pulao, raita and kheer.

Source: Hungry Forever

6. Special Navratri Bento Boxes at The Drunken Botanist

Price - Indian Bento Box for ₹ 599; the Asian Bento Box for ₹ 699

Where - DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Availability - 10th-18th October

If a traditional menu is not your cup of tea, then try a fusion Navratri menu at The Drunken Botanist. They offer two Bento boxes. The Indian Bento Box will a pack a punch of palak patte ki chaat, paneer roulade, soya keema spring roll, khatta meetha kaddu ki sabzi, rasey aloo ki sabzi, kuttu ki puri, sabudana papad and barnyard millet kheer. Where as, the Asian Bento Box comprises of rice paper roll, millet dumplings, seaweed salad, vegetarian sushi roll, tofu teriyaki, yakisoba noodles, rice crackers, and fresh fruit. Yowza!

Source: Eat Treat

7. Navratri Special Menu at Gastronomica

Price - ₹ 199 plus taxes

Where - Gastronomica, M Block, GK 1, Delhi

Availability - 10th-18th October

Gastronomica's appetising Navratri menu consists of sago and quinoa bhelpuri, arbi and anardana galawat served with varqi and kuttu parantha is an exciting delight for all the foodies out there. They also have apple, celery and cinnamon cold soup, sweet potato gnocchi, sumac rice risotto with asparagus, buckwheat flour tacos and mishti doi panna cotta and more.

Or to say it in a single word - Mmmmm.

Source: Eat Treat

8.  Navratri Special Thali at The Chatter House

Price - ₹499 plus taxes

Where - The Chatter House, Epicuria, Nehru Place

Availability - 10th-18th October

From special sago buckwheat burgers and sliders to scramble cottage cheese and much more - The Chatter House is going to make an exciting deal out of this Navratri for you.

Source: Eat Treat

9. Navratri Special at Paatra

Price - ₹1049 plus

Where - Paatra, Jaypee Vasant Continental, New Delhi

Availability - 10th–19th October

Try Paatra for vrat-friendly food cooked in a 100% vegetarian kitchen. Their nutritious vrat-menu offers kutu paranthas, sabudana khichdi and more.

Source: NDTV

10. Navratri Special at Karma Kismet

Price - ₹1200

Where - Karma Kismet, M Block, GK II, New Delhi 

When - 10th-19th October

With Navratra Special tomato shorba, and appetizers such as sunchoke galouti and charred fruits; Karma Kismet offers good quality vegetarian food all summed up in their five-course meal thali.

Source: NDTV

Frens, let's feast.

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