Bengal is known for many things in the country but if there's anything that makes the state such a storied one, it's the fact that its a melting pot of culture, traditions, literature and food rolled into a beautiful ball of goodness. 

Durga Pujo is undoubtedly the biggest celebration in the state and while we perceive it as a 5-day festival - they take it to a whole other level of creativity. To join the celebrations,  Nerolac Shera Para Shera Pujo heartily welcomed Goddess Durga in many colours of happiness, celebration and devotion with a grand mural. The beautiful Maa Durga mural on Peerless Inn hotel in Dharmatala is so beautifully painted, experiencing the real thing would undoubtedly be a unique experience anyone would remember for a lifetime! 

It's overwhelming and enchanting to see all these artists come together and devote themselves to paint the mural for days. What comes out as a result of their hard work is a beautiful mural of Maa Durga shining in all her glory! After painting, Nerolac urges the local community to ensure that the area around the mural is maintained, giving it pride of place in local celebrations. Kudos to Nerolac for taking up this massive initiative and painting the city with happy colours in the form of a glorious mural. The video beautifully signifies that just like the ten hands of Maa Durga, ten hands of artists are dipped in different colours to paint happiness all across the city.

Durga Pujo is not just a festival, it's a carnival of creativity and Nerolac sure transformed their devotion for it into an interactive work of art. The video gives us a grand tour across Kolkata and the preparation that the city does with much enthusiasm for Durga Puja. Watch it below.