Condoms have, for the longest time, been the go-to measure for birth control. The ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians used animal bladder sheets and linen to hold themselves back from procreating, which reached its current rubber form - and still remains popular.

According to Wired, there could be another and perhaps more effective way of birth control. A Plan B that can be used by both men and women, stops the sperm from drilling into the egg, and hence pull the plug on the whole baby making mechanism. We're as at a loss for words as you are, it's just too good to be true!

Source: Wired

Measuring ion currents using a single sperm, researchers have located its power switch, and also a way to turn it off. The exodus of a sperm towards the fallopian tube is a long one, long being relative. A human sperm travels 10-12 centimeters to make its way to the fallopian tube, which is 24,000 times its own length. It's the little wagging tail at its end and its speedy motion. 

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The motion is the result of a calcium dump that happens when the sperm meets the outer layer of the egg; Catsper is the ion channel that the sperm relies on for the kick - and it is found only in sperm. 

Source: Giphy

The ion activates only when it meets the egg and encounters progesterone. It's this calcium rush that researchers have tried and apparently succeeded in blocking, hence turning off the power switch. 

Source: Nucleus Medical Media

These results arrive from labs and need further testing - the results of which will arrive later this year. Let's hope it's as positive.